For Authors

Let us transform your health/lifestyle program into a mobile experience for your audience.

Deepen your impact with your audience

Our mobile behavior change platform helps you maximize impact in the lives of your fans and followers by enabling them prioritize which actions to take using a personalized approach. MasterHealth helps your audience take small habit forming steps toward sustainable lifestyle changes – and results.

We also help you reach new audiences through our marketplace and marketing engine, at no cost to you.

Earn 50X more than your book royalties

Help your readers cross the intention-action gap. In minutes, your readers can subscribe to your health program, and take action while it's top of mind.
You’ve invested countless hours building a book and framework to help people improve their lives. People read your book, but you know most don't take action and gain the benefits you offer. We help you deliver more impact.

Our iOS and Android apps keep your program in the palm of your reader's hands all day long.

Flexible platform

Supports a breadth of goals and biomarkers, and lifestyle factors like diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and more.

Subscription revenue

As long as your readers are using your program, you’ll earn revenue each month.


We use behaviour change science, social connection, and timely reminders to keep people engaged and achieving results.

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A perfect complement to your book or online course

- Not a substitute for a book, in fact our platform promotes more book sales
- It's the right medium and form factor to deliver sustainable change.
- It's with you from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.
- It has the ability to deliver prompts and gather input at any time.
- It has sensors and health information we can leverage.

Health and lifestyle programs

Our health programs are developed in collaboration with highly regarded and influential health experts who have developed evidence-based health improvement books and programs.

We work with authors to distill out the important lifestyle actions, habits, routines, and behaviours from their books – that when followed, are the agents of change that readers are looking to implement within their own lives to gain the desired health benefits or outcomes.

Our health programs are delivered via mobile apps on iOS and Android, adapt to your increasing or decreasing ability to undertake certain habits or behaviours, and help you track your progress toward your health goals.

Working with authors of health/lifestyle books

MasterHealth has created an entirely new distribution channel and format to deliver all the recommended lifestyle modifications enclosed within traditional health books to readers.

The MasterHealth format keeps health programs top of mind, keeps individuals accountable, prevents them from falling off the wagon, and maximizes chances of success.

We work directly with authors to adapt their health books into immersive mobile programs. Believe it or not, we actually do most of the heavy lifting! 

Once transformed into the MasterHealth app, we work with authors to jointly set a subscription price for their program, and then make it available for subscription by their readers/audiences as well as other individuals who discover them within our marketplace of health programs.

Interested authors, please reach out to us here.