Health Journeys that Inspire

Healing after Graves Disease with Makenna Lewers

Learn how Makenna found healing after her diagnosis by making changes to her diet, mindset, and through research on alternative medicine.

Improving mindset after multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Learn how Sabrina improved her mindset with meditation, exercise, and by building a multiple sclerosis community on social media!

Multiple Sclerosis Remission with Melody Sapien

Learn how Melody reversed her multiple sclerosis with only diet and lifestyle changes.

Jessica Logan: Awareness for Invisible Illnesses

Explore her journey and how she turned her hidden struggles into advocacy and charity work for others with invisible illnesses.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness with Ritu Kaur

Learn how Ritu turned her MS diagnosis into community advocacy and an educational hub called Multiple Sclerosis Awareness that supports MS warriors. 

Food as medicine: Healing autoimmune diseases with Dr. Setare Taabodi

Learn how alternative medicine and a plant-based diet reversed her autoimmune diseases.

Long Live Ann: Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels with Keto Diet

This interview with Ann dives into how the keto diet, sunlight, and lifestyle changes can impact blood sugar levels. 

Crystal Phillips manages her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms using holistic treatments and has lived relapse-free for 11+ years

Her amazing story will inspire you to be the CEO of your own health and body.

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