How to Get Rid of Brain Fog with Dr. Frank Lipman’s 9 Habits

These nine key habits are essentials for getting rid of a foggy brain.

Written by MasterHealth Staff

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Brain fog is caused by a variety of conditions within the body. One of the main contributing factors is inflammation which can be due to issues such as obesity, autoimmune conditions, exposure to toxins, infection and injury.


Often this inflammation starts in the gut due to digestive issues which can be caused by the above conditions. 


Long term inflammation can lead to dementia and other forms of cognitive decline.


In many cases, lifestyle changes such as the ones in this article can be very impactful at restoring better brain function.


It’s also important that you talk to a regulated health professional to get to the root cause of your brain fog.

Brain Fog can make it difficult to partake in daily activities but it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life. 


Alas, it can often be treated or managed with lifestyle interventions. In this article you will not only learn what causes brain fog but also how to get rid of brain fog through these nine key habits. 


Next we’ll explore how you can get rid of brain fog with simple lifestyle changes that can be integrated into your everyday routine.

The gut is one of the main ways our body absorbs the nutrients required to live a healthy life.


Although the gut and the brain may “seem” disconnected, when the gut is out of balance it is common to experience difficulties with memory and inability to focus.


Here are a few ways to level-up your gut:

Mind Your Trigger Foods

It’s not uncommon to experience symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain and brain fog after consuming specific foods that may act as triggers for your symptoms. 


These foods can vary between individuals but overall will lead to inflammation and discomfort within the body. 


It’s important to be mindful of what your trigger foods may be by being aware of when these symptoms occur. 


Keeping a health journal is an effective tool to help you track and discover your trigger foods. 


You can also visit a regulated health professional to get further food sensitivity testing done. 

Foster Healthy Gut Bacteria

Consuming foods that encourage a healthy environment for good gut bacteria can help to improve the state of the digestive tract. 


Try adding in fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and yogurt to feed the good gut bacteria.


If you’re exploring how to heal your gut naturally, you’ll want to consider adding bone broth to your regimen, which includes gut-rebuilding collagen and gelatin


Glutamine is the main fuel for the mucosa of the small intestine and can be consumed to encourage a healthy gut lining. 

Add Fiber

Eating foods that are rich in fiber such as colourful, non starchy vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds as well as some legumes can help to remove toxins from the body. 


Fiber encourages the elimination of waste through the large intestine which reduces inflammation and toxins in the body. 

Aid Digestion

Taking natural bitters or apple cider vinegar before meals are both natural and safe ways you can stimulate your body’s digestive process. 


You may also require supplementation of hydrochloric acid which should be recommended through a regulated health professional.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of good health. 


Dr. Lipman suggests that you aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to decrease your risk of chronic disease and to improve mental clarity. This will also help to get rid of brain fog. 


Another way to improve sleep quality is to go to bed as well as wake up at the same time every day. When doing this, the body’s sleep cycle will regulate and cause that feeling of sleepiness at night and wakefulness in the morning. 


A lack of sleep can cause an increase in inflammatory markers in the body which impedes our concentration and ability to function as well as we should. This also puts you more at risk for heart disease and diabetes in the future. 


Prioritizing sleep has been proven to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety as well as increase day time productivity. It also makes you more resilient to stressful daily situations that elevate the risk or chronic disease. 


Our body uses sleep as a time to heal and repair from stressors during the day. This is what allows you to stay youthful and mentally sharp longer in life. 

Movement doesn’t have to be difficult or take up hours of your day. We all live busy lives and adding exercise into our routine can often feel overwhelming. 


One of the worst things for our health is being sedentary as this is associated with a higher risk of depression, cancer, back pain and more. 


Moving in any form for even 10 minutes twice per day can have significant health benefits including more mental clarity.

Add movement to your routine

Try adding movement to tasks that you already complete on a daily basis such as phone calls, work on the computer and even meetings. 


Movement can even be beneficial for these tasks by increasing blood flow to the brain and stimulating the exchange of information between the hemispheres of the brain.  

Making exercise manageable

Partaking in short sessions of movement a couple of times per day is an easy way to meet this goal. Try a 10 minute exercise video after work or go for a 10 minute walk during lunch. 


Daily movement doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is necessary.

Daily stress is inevitable and often we can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we are able to respond. 


Practicing mindfulness is one significant way to do this. Meditation is a mindfulness tool that we can use to cultivate mental adaptability and resilience. 


Benefits can be seen with as little as 10 minutes of meditation per day, making this a simple practice to add to your routine.    


Meditation can be done in many different ways including in person classes, meditation apps and free online resources. 


It can be practiced almost anywhere that is quiet, private and where you feel safe to close your eyes and focus on your breath. 


Meditation has been proven to improve focus and reduce brain fog. 


Another way you can practice mindfulness is through awareness of your senses. 


This can be done by paying attention to the sensation of your feet on the ground and the seat beneath you, listening to the sounds around you and scanning the environment surrounding you. 

By signing up for the How To Be Well program by Dr. Frank Lipman, you will gain access to the specific clinical-grade brands and protocol that he recommends for brain fog and improving mental clarity.


Pro tip: You don’t actually need to subscribe to the program, simply complete sign-up in order to gain access to his supplement choices. You’ll get a little bonus from us too! (though we’re biased, we think you’ll love his program too!)

Gut supporting supplements

Bone broth contains collagen and gelatin that protect the gut from inflammation.


Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in the rebuilding of the gut lining.


Glutamine is the main fuel source for the cells that line the small intestine. 


Multivitamins can be used to supplement nutrient deficiencies that may occur with leaky gut.

Stress supporting supplements

GABA attaches to receptors in the brain to create a stress reducing effect which can help with anxiety and fear that may lead to brain fog.


L-theanine works to reduce stress and increase focus by having a calming but not sedating effect.

MasterHealth has worked closely with Dr. Frank Lipman to translate the above habits (and more!) into a comprehensive program to helps you learn how to get rid of brain fog, take action, and your progress as you work toward your goal.


Get started now by clicking the following link to the How To Be Well program on the MasterHealth website.

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