How We Build MasterHealth Programs (and Your Daily Habits)

We work closely with our health expert partners to make every action you take the most impactful it can be toward your health goals.

Written by MasterHealth Staff

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In this information era, we are bombarded by (sometimes overwhelming) streams of information about what we should do (sometimes conflicting) for our health. 


Beyond finding quality information, no matter how intent we are on making lifestyle changes, it can be hard to adopt these changes into your daily routine.


Our aim is to help you cut through the noise of social media, podcasts, youtube advice and more by partnering with some of the most well-regarded health practitioners in the world and providing you with a set of programs that adapt to wherever you are in your health journey. 


Here’s how we do that…

For each program, the team at MasterHealth works closely with our health expert partner to build a program based upon only the most important actions, habits, and behaviors recommended in their previously published works.


As an added benefit, our partners also consider any recent scientific learnings and clinical insights that are relevant to achieving the health goals made available in the program.

Each program is specifically designed to help people achieve one or more health goals.

So first, we work with our partner to determine the health goals the program should cover based on their specialized set of recommendations, plans or protocols that we are adapting.


Next, we associate each action in the program with every health goal they may help contribute toward (eg. reducing sugar intake works toward a health goal of reducing inflammation).


And last, every health goal is paired with one or more trackable metrics, that we call “health metrics” or “biomarkers”. These are very important measures to ensure that you can measure your progress along your health journey.

Every action available within a program is analyzed by our partner, and given an Impact Score


At MasterHealth, an action’s Impact Score represents how much impact it will deliver toward the achievement of your health goals on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most impactful. 


Pro tip for our customers: Make sure to add the 10s to Your Routine!

One of our deep-rooted program design philosophies is that we believe everyone is unique, with personal areas of strength, weakness, smarts, and knowledge gaps. 


You are where you are in your health journey, and we design our health programs to meet you there and progress you forward.

Recommended starting point

Commonly, people want to ask experts – where is a good place to start? 


We’ve done that heavy lifting for you. Each action comes preset with a partner-recommended amount to consider starting with as you first include an action into your routine.


Some people may find this amount too overwhelming, and that’s why we took the next step to help you understand how small you could start with each action…

Minimum effective amount

Our partners define a Minimum Effective Amount for each action, meaning that doing any less wouldn’t deliver you much benefit. 


This acts as a really great entry point for those who may have limitations or less experience with certain actions. 

Maximal benefit

Our partners also define Mastery for actions, meaning that doing any more wouldn’t really provide much more overall benefit. Once you hit this point, it’s best if instead you spend time in other areas.

Our goal is to help you level up your habits, and we’ve implemented a number of proven behavioral science-based strategies to drive these positive changes (and manage setbacks).


For each action, we worked with partners to determine how much time should pass before suggesting that you try to increase your challenge.


If you’re staying consistent in your program, you’ll find your program will suggest small changes to keep you in the challenge zone, without feeling overwhelming. 


Changes will be either the number of days per week you engage in an activity or the amount of an action you do each time (eg. minutes of exercise, cups of water/day, acts of kindness, hours of intermittent fasting).

For every action offered in a program, we believe it’s important to provide enough guidance for someone to understand what the action is, why it’s important to achieve its associated health goals and benefits, and have the information necessary to take action confidently.


In this regard, we work closely with our partners to produce short, digestible videos to educate, motivate, and support you in taking the right actions for your health goals.


We also work to pack-in as much supplementary content, tips for success, and resources to ensure you’re as successful as possible turning each action into a habit.

Hopefully by this point, you have a pretty good idea about how we build programs. 


In addition to saving you time by distilling down the essentials and helping you implement these actions in your daily routine – each program also provides:


Coaching: A free benefit you get when joining a Pod, Coaches are an integral part of the MasterHealth program. Just like a coach at the gym or a personal training session, they’re there to help you focus on and accomplish your goals. They’re also a great source of human connection for those more difficult days.


Pods: Small, private groups of people within the MasterHealth community, enrolled in your program who have similar health goals as you do. Members love the motivation, support, and camaraderie that Pods provide. 


Health tracking: Progress charts will help you understand how all the actions you’ve incorporated into your routine are helping you reach the health outcomes you’re seeking.


Psychology: We’ve incorporated lessons on behavioral change, motivation, mindset and more to help you out-think yourself if you have a setback or difficulty re-engaging after a holiday filled with delicious meals and activities atypical of your new, healthy routine!


The best part? Every health program available on MasterHealth gets a continuous stream of upgrades and new capabilities.


But as you’ve likely heard before, the best time to jump-in and get started is now.


So, let’s get started!

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