Announcing MasterHealth’s 2024 Impact Challenge for Health Pros

An exciting opportunity for fitness and nutrition professionals to win $1,000 cash for helping their followers hit their 2024 New Years goals.

Start a Challenge Before Dec 31st & Compete to Win $1,000!


See contest details below, and get the app.

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An exciting opportunity for fitness and nutrition professionals

MasterHealth, a leading platform in the health and wellness industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of the “2024 Impact Challenge for Health Pros.” 

This contest is exclusively designed for fitness and nutrition professionals, and helps you engage and impact your clients, prospects and followers in a whole new way, begin earning a new income stream, and compete to win big!

New to MasterHealth? Start here! Check out MasterHealth’s Challenges App for Health Professionals. You’ll learn how it helps grow your business, and see why health pros love our challenge experience.

Winner takes home $1,000 cash prize, accolade, plus additional income

The winner of the challenge will be the health pro that can help the most people successfully achieve a New Year’s resolution healthy habit goal for the first 4 weeks of January 2024.

The winner will take home the title of the “2024 New Year’s Resolution MasterHealth Champion” and will receive a $1,000 cash prize. 

Case study: How Sarah, a fitness & nutrition coach, earns an extra $5,000/year with MasterHealth

She’s 30 years old, works at a gym, doesn’t have a lot of extra time, and can’t increase her hourly rate any further.

We’ve outlined her simple yet effective strategy and marketing approach for you.

Act now: Enter before the challenge deadline

Challenges must be created in the MasterHealth app by December 31st, 2023 at midnight PST

All eligible challenge participants must be signed-up and have completed their payments to join by January 2, 2024.

Designing an eligible healthy habit challenge for this contest 

Setting up a challenge is easy and takes 2 minutes to get started.

Get the app

If you don’t yet have the MasterHealth app, it’s a free download on your mobile phone and set up takes less than 1 minute.

Pick a healthy habit that your community will love

The MasterHealth app provides templates for 50 healthy habits across nutrition, fitness, mind, hot/cold exposure and more. Pick your fave!

Pro tip: We’ve found people willing to pay the most for nutrition-oriented challenges including eating veggies, eating protein, and healthy meal prep.

Set your price

You can set any price you wish that is $4.99 and higher, that people will pay you when they join your challenge. 

Remember, this is a 4 week challenge. Typically, our health pros charge $5-10 per week (that’s $20-40 for a 4-week challenge) – how you price your challenge is totally up to you!

Set your challenge dates (important!)

For this contest, please set your challenge to run for 4 weeks starting on January 1st, 2024.

Invite your clients, prospects, and followers: Tips to win

Once you set up your challenge, you’ll be provided a link that you can share with all the people who you already impact, coach, inspire, and motivate. 

Health pros that have boosted their income the most across MasterHealth have shared their challenge links in these ways:

  • Email campaigns to their subscribers
  • Creating a post within community groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Multiple posts across social media (tag us and we’ll boost your post!) 
  • Stories on Instagram with links are extra effective
  • Updated primary or linktree links across social media

Eligible geographies

You must be a citizen or resident of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec) to be eligible for this content

5 genuinely great reasons why you’ll benefit from participating in this contest

  1. Community engagement: MasterHealth challenges foster an incredibly engaging and supportive environment between health pros and their communities. Our social habit tracking makes building habits together a perfect fit for achieving our New Year’s resolutions.
  2. Get discovered: We’ll help co-promote and market your challenge as soon as you’ve got your first 5 participants signed-up. We love helping our partners build their followings, and paid customers!
  3. Recognition and cash prize: Beyond the chance to win $1,000, you’ll gain recognition on a growing platform for health professionals and people seeking to build healthy habits.
  4. Kickstarting a new income stream: You’ll realize just how easy it is to run super engaging challenges on MasterHealth, impact your community, and earn a new income stream in 2024.
  5. Zero cost: There’s no financial risk whatsoever in using our platform. No upfront fees, no subscriptions, no commitment necessary. Instead, we do things differently – we take a portion of profits generated, which lets us be your best partner possible. We only get paid if you’re successful on our platform. We believe in the power of aligned interests!

Resources to help get you started

Learn more about all the features and benefits of running healthy habit building challenges with MasterHealth.

Featured Programs

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When you scan this QR code, you’ll be redirected to the correct app store on your Apple or Android phone. MasterHealth is a free download.