Goodbye Wodify Rise, Hello MasterHealth Challenges for Gyms

As Wodify Rise ends its service support on Dec 31, 2023, MasterHealth offers an alternative for gyms looking to run lifestyle & fitness challenges for members.

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The Wodify Rise service ends December 31, 2023

Wodify recently announced that the Wodify Rise service that provided the ability for gyms to run challenges for its members will end on December 31, 2023.

It’s never to be celebrated that a product has shuttered and is closing, especially to those that really loved it and were loyal customers. 

If you’re one of those gyms who are looking for an alternative to Wodify Rise, it is our hope that we can introduce you to MasterHealth Challenges. 👋

While it is not an exact match to Wodify Rise, MasterHealth Challenges is loved by its customers, very easy to use for gyms and members alike, designed to foster a strong community, and provides the same monetization channel for CrossFit gym and functional fitness gym owners.

The Importance of Building Community

Building community is a core value that Wodify and MasterHealth share. We know how powerful and transformative it can be for people, as do the many gym owners that we’ve spoken to over the years.

As Wodify Rise previously described, lifestyle and fitness challenges encourage gym members to connect with each other – this challenge-based engagement leads to a boost in motivation, and higher membership retention rates at your gym.

Each MasterHealth Challenge offers a social-first approach to building community through personal profiles, forming friendships within the app, 1:1 messaging channels, group messaging channels, and of course group leaderboards to track each person’s progress toward their goals.

Reaching Beyond Your Gym’s Community

Fostering a vibrant community within your gym is important. As you’ve just read, we take this pretty seriously at MasterHealth, and you’ll see this even more clearly once you start to use our product.

We’ve gone a step further. We know that most gyms want to grow their membership, not just retain their members. And so, we’ve built the product mechanics to tap into your membership to more easily enable them to extend your challenges into their own personal networks of others also interested in fitness – including friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family.

We’ve done this in 3 key ways:
  1. Challenge sharing links: We’ve made it easy for you to extend the invite for your challenges to people outside of your gym, for example people on your email list or who are following you on social media. Challenges might be a great first way for them to engage with your gym before deciding to join.
  1. Participant invite links: We give everyone who joins your challenge a unique invite link, which they can use to invite others they know who may be interested in joining your challenge. (Note: if you’re running a paid challenge, you can elect to turn this off, if you wish.)
  1. In-app discovery: You may request to feature one or more of your challenges within the MasterHealth app. Featured challenges are seen by portions of the MasterHealth network of individuals who are committed to building healthy habits and improving their health. They could become your next customer.

App Store Comparison: Wodify Rise vs. MasterHealth

Since we are looking at replacing one app for another, we thought we’d start at the highest level and look at a side-by-side comparison of Wodify Rise and MasterHealth in the Apple App Store for the United States market.

Wodify Rise MasterHealth
1.8 ⭐️ 4.8 ⭐️
61 Ratings 141 Ratings
Sentiment: Crashes & Bugs Sentiment: Easy to use
Last update: Dec 2019 Last update: Nov 2023
See on Apple App Store See on Apple App Store

Both apps are available in the United States and Canada, and available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Challenge Creation, Payments & Promotion

Creating Challenges

In Wodify Rise, challenges were created from within a web-based interface. 

With MasterHealth, creating challenges is done from within its mobile app. See this 90-second tutorial.

Payment Setup & Collection

Wodify Rise uses a Wodify Payments account to set challenge pricing, tax options and collect payments; Wodify Payments is powered by Stripe, and only available in the United States (according to this).

MasterHealth also uses Stripe to collect payments and send payouts to you. Payments and payouts are supported in both the United States and Canada. 

To set up payments and connect your account within the MasterHealth app, simply start your first challenge where you set a price for participants to join, accept our payment terms, and then connect your bank account using Stripe’s secure environment.


Once again, MasterHealth and Wodify Rise both provide unique links to you once you’ve created your challenge. Those links go to a landing page that describes your challenge, and enables others to join.

MasterHealth provides you with special links, called dynamic links, which will actually open up differently depending on a few factors. 

For example, if you already have the MasterHealth app, the link will open the MasterHealth app and pop-up the invite for you to join the challenge; if you don’t yet have the MasterHealth app, it will take you to a mobile or desktop-based website where you can register to join the challenge and then get the app.

The Challenge Experience

Habit & Activity Tracking

Wodify Rise provides you with a dedicated screen where you can track your daily challenge tasks. 

With MasterHealth, instead you’ll be logging your daily activity from within each lifestyle habit or fitness activity, which provides its own logging interface to show your total challenge activity (absolute and relative progress), daily recorded activity so far, and allow you to update your total multiple times per day if needed.

Participant Leaderboard

Wodify Rise provides a single leaderboard, with points aggregated across different challenge tasks, into a single score that shows competitors positions at any point in the challenge.

MasterHealth provides leaderboards for each individual habit challenge (eg. pull-ups, hydration, or hitting a daily protein intake). Rather than assigning points, the leaderboard is organized on a relative basis of how much people have achieved (or over-achieved their goals). 

At the end of the challenge, the challenge host (or leader) who is running the challenge, will receive an in-app report as well as an email that details each participant along with their target goal and actual result. This can be used to run any types of calculations you might need to determine an all-around champ for your challenge!

Social interaction

Wodify Rise’s Community Feed provides the ability to view, like and comment on other participants’ activity.

MasterHealth’s Group Chat provides a similar ability to view, like (with multiple positive-only emojis), reply, and thread reply, to other participants’ activity.

Any time you come across someone’s profile photo, it is tappable, and brings up their profile that is reminiscent of a social networking profile like Instagram – where you’ll see their photo, display name, headline, short bio, and a link to their website or URL of choice. It’s a really great way for people to get to know each other a little better. Inside a MasterHealth challenge, people can send friend requests and accept them. Once accepted, MasterHealth friends can communicate with each other directly, furthering their social bond.

The MasterHealth Challenge Group Chat

This group chat is a feed of both people in-challenge activity as well as shared messages, web links, photos and videos. It’s a lively and dynamic place for leaders and participants alike to motivate each other and have fun.

Special Tools for Challenge Hosts

We provide the leaders of challenges (“Hosts”) a set of additional tools that are not available to challenge participants to help motivate and foster community engagement within the group. 

Mid-challenge participant reports: Challenge Hosts can access a participant report in-app at any time that shows daily streaks (yay!) as well as disengaged participants (aw!), and go a step further to show how they’re pacing toward their goal – whether they’re ahead or behind. With one tap, it’ll generate a 1:1 message to that participant, encouraging them to re-engage.

End-of-challenge report: Challenge Hosts can access a participant report in-app at the end of the challenge to see a final scoring of how each person has done in the challenge in terms of both their absolute and relative performance. This will be sent to the Host by email as well.

Message ideas: Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas for messages to keep a group engaged. Available and visible only to Challenge Hosts, we’ve preloaded around 2,000 messages grouped into buckets like ‘icebreakers’, ‘fun facts’, ‘motivation’, and more to get people out of their shells and into the community.

A Challenge with Multiple Lifestyle Habits

Wodify Rise was designed to pull together a number of different lifestyle habits into a single challenge that can go on for weeks, with some running in parallel and others some in succession.

MasterHealth is designed a bit differently. Each challenge is distinctly a single habit. However, we’ve had many gyms and other communities successfully roll out multiple habit challenges in parallel and in succession as part of a larger challenge.

Let’s walk through a simple example of how you’d get this done within MasterHealth:

You’d like to run an 8-week challenge that includes: Strength Training, Squats, Hydration, Eating Protein, and Meditation. And you’d like to charge participants $149.99 to join.

To start, let’s say that Strength Training is going to be the core part of this challenge, since you want your members coming into the gym to get that requirement done each week.

Follow these steps:
  1. Create a Strength Training challenge within the MasterHealth app; set a price of $149.99 and run it for 8 weeks.
  1. Create free challenges (without prices to join) for Squats, Hydration, Eating Protein, and Meditation. Choose start dates and timeframes as appropriate. You may want to run them all for 8-weeks, or you may want to introduce certain elements after the first week, or only have squats as a side-challenge for 1-week of your overall challenge. The choice is yours.
  1. Publicly share the challenge link for people to join your $149.99 Strength Training Challenge.
  1. Within the Group Chat of your $149.99 Strength Training Challenge, post the links for paid participants to gain access to your other Squats, Hydration, Eating Protein, and Meditation challenges.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to us within the app or on our contact page anytime. We’d be happy to help, including by jumping on a phone call with you to walk you through how it all works.

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